Value or Value Added Sales Strategy

Value Based Sales Strategy

There’s a section in Jeff Gitomer’s The Little Red Book of Sales Answers entitled “What are the best ways to add value?” (Section 47 p. 93)  Gitomer doesn’t mince words so right up front he puts the typical “Value Added” packages in the general category of smoke and mirrors.  His take is that if you’re in the sales dialogue it’s too late to be adding value.  He says “Value Added” is a losing approach that he will always trump with leading with value created which attracts the buyer to the sale.

So, what exactly is Gitomer talking about?  He goes on to explain, saying, “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.”.  The technique he is referring to here is one you are taking advantage of right now if you’re reading this post.  Provide value without trying to hide the good stuff and once people realize that you are willing and able to do so, they will ask for more.  Write an advisory Blog for instance or publish an article or write a book or volunteer for a non-profit or just do some power networking.  If it’s filled with legitimate value it will eliminate the need for sales calls and create leads.

Gitomer recommends that we start right away to create value and get it in front of potential clients.  Email it, blog it, present it, practice it but most of all do it.  That is his answer to “value added” and he calls it “value first”.  I call it genius.

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By Michael A Sacco

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