Experienced or Over the Hill

Perspective How often do older employees become stereotyped by their younger peers and "superiors" as unproductive, out of step, forgetful, frail, overpaid, lacking knowledge of technology, and/or unsatisfied (perhaps this list could be expanded but you get the point and I am becoming angry)? What value could be produced with thirty or forty years of … Continue reading Experienced or Over the Hill

Employee Retention Surprise

by M. Anthony Sacco Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC The first year is more important. The (October, 2015) Harvard Business Review published a short article (on page 34) entitled "Talent Quitting Time" about retention. The article is based upon a statistical study done during the first half of 2015 ("Recruiter Sentiment Study") that investigated employee turnover … Continue reading Employee Retention Surprise

Innovation Perspectives

Triggers of innovation Innovation can be triggered from various internal and external sources. In the business modeling book, Business Model Generation (Osterwalder & Pigneur, Wiley, 2010, 138-139) these triggers are described as "Resource-Driven", "Offer-Driven", "Customer-Driven", "Finance-Driven", and "Multiple-Epicenter Driven".  Since innovation is one key driver of a successful business and a key to the strategic … Continue reading Innovation Perspectives