Evolution of Leadership – Reflection

Evolution of Leadership Style by M. Anthony Sacco When I think about evolution of leadership style and strategies for success, my mind goes back to my first supervisory position and the manager I reported to then.  At that time, I worked in a large accounting department for a multi-national manufacturing company.  This job was located … Continue reading Evolution of Leadership – Reflection

Employee Retention Surprise

by M. Anthony Sacco Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC The first year is more important. The (October, 2015) Harvard Business Review published a short article (on page 34) entitled "Talent Quitting Time" about retention. The article is based upon a statistical study done during the first half of 2015 ("Recruiter Sentiment Study") that investigated employee turnover … Continue reading Employee Retention Surprise

Innovation Perspectives

Triggers of innovation Innovation can be triggered from various internal and external sources. In the business modeling book, Business Model Generation (Osterwalder & Pigneur, Wiley, 2010, 138-139) these triggers are described as "Resource-Driven", "Offer-Driven", "Customer-Driven", "Finance-Driven", and "Multiple-Epicenter Driven".  Since innovation is one key driver of a successful business and a key to the strategic … Continue reading Innovation Perspectives

Networking & Referrals Marketing

by M. Anthony Sacco (Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC) Once a week I attend a “formal”, structured, membership-based networking and referral group meeting.  You may be familiar with the organization, it’s BNI (Business Network International) and it's growing with thousands of members.  In addition, to enhance what I get from the weekly meetings, I picked up … Continue reading Networking & Referrals Marketing