By M. Anthony Sacco

A while ago, in an attempt to expand my concept of leadership and improve my own leadership style, I picked up Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why.  It turned out to be expansive in its relatively straight forward approach and practical illustration(s).  In other words, it got me thinking.

My take on Sinek’s basic theme is that, from a marketing expert’s perspective, leadership comes from the vision and communication or “why”, while management is the “how” and everything else (like operations) is the “what”.  Therefore, by understanding why you are in business you can focus your message, behavior, style, and mind on real leadership with clarity that affects how and what.

So, what is my (Stratalyne’s) “why”?  It isn’t just money, fame, or the thrill of competition.  I think, now after giving it some time to percolate around, it is, for me, the satisfaction derived from being part of helping clients reach successful outcomes.  Stratalyne Business Solutions, as the name hopefully implies, offers services to provide a strategic, straight line solution to improved business results through its experienced and collaborative project approach.

What this has connected and now means to me as a leader (thanks to Sinek) is that my primary job is to focus and instill the concept of service, specifically designed for a client for improved results, into my mission, brand and messaging, both internally and externally, as a method of staying on the path to Stratalyne’s success.

So …. What is your “why”.


Start With Why, Sinek, Simon, Portfolio, 2011

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