Distributed Leadership

leadership_pic-750by M. Anthony Sacco of Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC

For an organization to be as agile, innovative, and adaptive as possible, the appropriate actions and skills of strategic leadership need to be distributed throughout all levels of its human capital, not locked in positional roles, with the value of leadership skills clearly communicated and recognized in its culture.  So, what kinds of initiatives does it take to develop more influential, strategic thinkers in an organization?  Here are several that the author feels are important:

  1. Communication that Creates Clarity about Strategies for Leadership Reference
    1. A practice of communication of the strategic plan
    2. A practice of reporting successes and failures and adjustments to the plan
  2. Distributed Knowledge of the Key Factors of Your Business Model
    1. Clarity of the resources available
    2. Clarity of those with authority
    3. Clarity of goals and milestones
  3. Routine Observation with Focus on Identifying Trends
    1. Knowledge of strategically relevant data streams
    2. Knowledge of expected results
    3. Opportunity to provide and assess feedback
  4. Okay to Ask the “Why?” in Addition to ”What?” and “How?” Questions
    1. Leadership is about “why”
    2. Leaders are not afraid to test the “why” concept
  5. A Shared Strategic Jargon that Provides High-Order Collaboration
    1. Borrow from a trusted source
    2. Train the organization in the use and meaning
    3. Practice it until embedded
  6. Cultural Acceptance of the Value of Thinking
    1. It will be okay to take time to think
    2. Time to think will relate to necessity of limits on time to react
    3. Take advantage of intuition to enhance thinking
  7. Cultural Acceptance of the Value in Embracing Conflict
    1. Foster a regard for the positive aspects of conflict
    2. Do not allow bullying
  8. Cultural Acceptance of the Value in Learning
    1. Celebrate learning and growth
    2. Provide opportunities for learning


“4 Ways To Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills” N. Bowman 12/27/2016 HBR

Strengths Based Leadership Roth & Conchie Gallup 2009

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