leadership_pic-750by M. Anthony Sacco of Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC

John C. Maxwell has me confused

I’m participating in a discussion group facilitated by the Ma ‘at Development Group based upon the book, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell (Thomas Nelson; Revised & Updated edition September 16, 2007). The laws are given memorable names like “The Law of the Lid” or “The Law of Addition” which are also the chapter titles. Each seems very much like a leadership trait that is, or would be, valuable to a leader and the organization she or he leads except … for me … #9 “The Law of Magnetism”!

Maxwell’s Law of Magnetism is defined as, “Who You Are Is Who You Attract.”.  I, on my side of the fence, find this to be a weakness in the worst way for a leader because a leader must gain a diverse circle of advisors around her or him in order to provide for the decision-making process and the informed, honest feedback needed to successfully navigate ever-changing variables operationally.  And, I think, the “Level 5 Leadership” described by Jim Collins in Good to Great would seem to support this.  And, if I’m to believe that the law of magnetism is a fait d’accompli, I think that means that a great leader would have to possess all personality traits in order to attract a well diversified leadership team.

However, in Maxwell’s defense, it has been suggested to me that chapter #9 is not a goal of the would-be leader, but instead a warning, still a law though, and therefore appropriately on of the twenty-one laws.  Maybe I’ll accept that.  What do you think?

Either way, the book is worth reading and the discussion group has been good.

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