2015 Greatest Leaders



Reflection on the 2015 Fortune Greatest

The April 2015 issue of Fortune Magazine features a cover article about its choice of the greatest leaders (“The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”, Becoming Tim Cook, Lashinsky, A., p 60). I like these lists that come out from which I can compare leadership traits on a prearranged level playing field.

The top “greatest leader” for 2015, in the view of Fortune, is Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. When referencing Apple’s culture he emphasizes not only the importance of culture as a driver of success from the presence of excellence, ambition, and innovation but he specifically points out the importance of a culture of honesty and integrity. This to me means acceptance of those who speak from objectivity, diversity, and acknowledge mistakes with positive behaviors.

As I continued through the list of the Top 50 there was Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank and Pope Francis and Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India to name just the top four including Cook.  But, I had the feeling that a culture of honesty, integrity, and respect for those who embodied both of those traits was echoing throughout the list.

I least I would like to think so.  Now, what about the culture in which you are responsible to be leading?

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By Michael Sacco – MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

© 2015 Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC

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