Consideration of an Entrepreneurial Perspective

An Entrepreneurial Perspective

The E Myth Revisited (Gerber, Michael, 2001) is a favorite of mine. It speaks logically and knowledgeably about the high rate of failure in entrepreneurial start ups.  The long and short of it (but read the book please) boils down to the type of person who goes out own their own to run his/her own business.  That person usually is highly qualified to do the technical aspects of the business.  They were really good at remodeling homes or baking cookies or giving seminar presentations or fixing computers but … they were not experienced or educated in running a business.

Therefore, when an entrepreneur is faced with all the other activities of running a business like accounting, insurance, taxes, human resource management, facilities planning, budgeting, cost analysis … well you know what I’m saying, they either ignored it because they undervalued the need or they gave it their attention and it took time and effort away from what they did best and what brought in the revenue for the organization.  Either way they weakened their business and created risk of failure.

It sometimes (more often than you might expect) doesn’t take too much to knock a new business off track and this scenario will do it if it is not addressed.  A business owner is responsible to him or herself for the success of the business and that means he or she is CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CHRO and bookkeeper and janitor … okay, you get it, right.  If these areas are not all covered somehow the business is at risk.

Okay, here’s the commercial, a service like that provided by Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC can help you by working with you to identify what areas may not be fully covered for your business to be as successful as it should be.  Then Stratalyne will create a plan to fill in with the right kind of support in the right way as an as needed, contracted, confidential, affordable,  outside resource.  Contact us for a meeting and we can discuss how or if your business can be more

By Michael Sacco – MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

© 2015 Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC

successful with some help.

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