What would you hire a Business Advisor to do?

Why Use an Outside Business Advisor

Okay, I run a small business and you probably are responsible for a business or a division or an important area of services within a business. We both have education, experience, and a sense of work ethic, right?  So, why would either of us need or want a business advisor to be our business partner? I will tell you why I think I would and you can take it for what it’s worth. Here goes.

In a couple words, “Accountability and Success“.  To help me grow my business, I want a partner who has business experience in successfully developing profitable growth and can help me with advice but most of all by providing a safe and objective outside source of accountability for my actions and results.  With a business advisor on my side, I should have no excuses for a weak effort to grow my business and/or a lack of adjustment to what is or is not working well for my business.

My business advisor will also make sure that I have a plan for success and that I am working that plan with attention to results.  He/she will make sure that my plan is aligned to profitable outcomes and that it is not too complex to execute.  There will be identifiable results that can be easily categorized into positive or negative outcomes for learning what works.  There will be adjustments to the plan that will have the advantage of experience and expertise provided by both me and my business advisor.

Finally, my business advisor, not being a co-owner, spouse, close friend, investor, or subordinate will be an honest, objective, supportive, take no B.S. resource.  The business advisor will act somewhat like a Director would if I had a Board of Directors (yet).  In all of this the advisor will also be judged by us as a good or not-so-good business advisor based upon how well we collaborate, communicate, and breed profitable outcomes for my business.

If you need a business advisor, consider contacting Stratalyne to find out how we can work with you to support accountability and growth for your business needs.

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