Reading (a little) to Refresh Our Strategic HR

Reading to Improve Your Business

If you are like me, you probably have a lot of reading to catch up on most of the time. So, I have been reading and think I found a shortcut to some enlightening strategic HR techniques that I just ran across. Go to page 12 of the March 15, 2015 issue of Fortune magazine. It’s an advertisement section for Activision® Blizzard® “The Most Fun Workplace in America”. And it has depth within few words (and numbers).

First the numbers:

“94% of employees feel this is a friendly place to work.”

“94% of employees are proud to work here.”

“91% of employees feel people are willing to give extra to get the job done.”

If you surveyed your employees today, through a third party allowing the to respond anonymously, what would your results look like next to those of Activision® Blizzard®?

Here are a few more cues that are embedded in this dense little advertising, acceptance article.  1) They have an onboarding routine that is directly related to their strategy and culture.  2) They have a historical value story that goes from rags (started on a “shoe string” 25 years ago) to riches (today they have 7,000 ee, $4.8 billion net revenues, and international reach).  3} They encourage creativity and innovation through their total branding approach to the environment within which they work.  4)  They told me this story in one page.

I may not catch up on all my reading, but this was well worth the effort and it came easily within the first few minutes of my opening the pages to get started.  Happy reading and good luck with your strategic HR challenges.

Stratalyne Business Solutions LLC provides 3rd party surveys and would enjoy discussing your situation and needs.  All the best.

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