Clear Complete Communication

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Clear Communication for Business Success

In First Break All the Rules (Buckingham & Coffman, 2000) one of the key findings reported by the authors is that engagement of human capital occurs at the highest level when there is a culture of well communicated roles.

In my experience it is often the case that the elements of clear communication are not well understood by managers. So, starting with the basics of clear communication technique is a way to foster the goal of engagement.

I think the best description of a simple model for insuring the elements for clear communication is the “Saint Francis model” (or STF origin unknown). This model proposes that within the process of clear communication one must complete three elements (hence it is designated by the acronym “STF”). These three are the mutual (speaker and listener) understanding of what the communicator actually said (S), what the listener thinks (T) about what was said, and how the listener feels (F) about what was said. These three elements are a good rule of thumb to follow for completing clear communications.

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