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pyramid chart artThe Stratalyne Business Solutions  Blog

We hope you find value in the articles here in Stratalyne Business Solutions blog.  The original and guest material on this site is dedicated to business management, leadership, & strategy primarily in the areas of human resources, sales, and decision-making.

Our goal for publishing:

Our goal is to serve up valuable information to those who find business management to be interesting, challenging, and rewarding. In order to achieve our goal we will be providing content focused toward the best practices for aligning and engaging organizational, informational, and human capital within the business.  Content will be related to leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship, change, growth, human capital, information capital, organizational capital, communications, start ups, sales, and small business.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide interesting strategically valuable models for business success that cross over the historically accepted concepts into the latest literature and thinking to meet the need of broadening the scope of management practice.  We look forward to your input and consider it an essential element of our value!

Thanks for visiting:

Please, visit our corporate website at www.stratalyne.com for information about us.

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